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Addi “Mindbender” Stewart


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Adhimu "Mindbender Supreme" Stewart is a Canadian MC with a history like no other. Spanning over 2 decades, he's truly a renaissance man in the culture. MC, journalist, open mic host, VJ, visual artist, and more, he's been even once referred to as "Toronto Hip Hop's Biggest Fan" by BlogTo magazine. But he's so very much more. Since his last few musical projects, "Jupiter" produced by Rich Kidd in 2010, and Mindbender's mixtape "No More Mr. Nice Guy Vol. 3: Romantic Mindfuck Decapitation", he had taken a hiatus from hip hop, to explore and expand his career... as an erotic adult film star. Canada's only hip hop porn star is Mindbender, and his porn name is: Malcolm Lovejoy.


Since officially signing to one of Canada's only porn star agencies, Maxxx Models of Montreal, Malcolm Lovejoy has been filming artistic, passionate, feminist porn with an expanding network of friends across North America. But after such a drastic artistic change in hip hop, he felt like he had to return to music once again. As fate would have it, Mindbender met ultra-talented producer Peppermint while creating a porn documentary in 2016 (that was nominated for a London, England Porn Fest Award in 2018), and their explosive creative chemistry resulted in the first Mindbender album in over five years: a double album called "JOURNEY INTO SOUND: New Colors. New Dimensions. New Values." A sonic adventure created with the greatest intentions to feel, move and sound like nothing else in modern hip hop music and culture.  


Subsequently, Mindbender completed a quarantine-inspired musical project titled "Blindside Is 2020", a clever flip of the age-old cliche, because the year 2020 was nothing like anyone could have ever expected, in foresight or hindsight! Nevertheless, after releasing "Quarantine Wolf" in August, Mindbender fell into a deep depression because of the lack of regular hip hop community connection, due to covid-19. Therefore, he decided to create new music to cure his blues, and after finding Lagos, Nigeria producer WildXYouths by being blown away by some beats heard online, Mindbender chose WildXYouths to produce all 8 new songs on the EP, bringing a new sound and feel to Mindbender music. Mastered powerfully by Calgary's Wal Martian, this project is now available for the world to enjoy on the last day of 2020. Prepare to be blindsided by inspiring, innovative and original hip hop like only Toronto's finest could deliver. Which brings us to 2022, where Mindbender has officially partnered with Type A Records to continue releasing his one-of-a-kind hip hop music to the world in 2023 and beyond... while continuing to shoot and act in porn, write his impeccable and passionate journalism, write books, document hip hop culture with co-host Logikal Ethiks on their podcast "The Reminisce Show", and simply continue being one of hip hop culture's true renaissance artists. Stay tuned!


Mindbender Supreme aka Malcolm Lovejoy is a one-of-a-kind in hip hop history. Discover Toronto's best kept secret.


Mindbender Supreme Discography:

  • Supreme Being Unit - The First Great Pyramid 1996

  • Supreme Being Unit - Mental Reverse/Spiritual Rebirth 1997

  • Mindbender - In Another Universe EP 1999

  • Mindbender - Fantasyland Before Time LP 2003

  • Mindbender - Beautiful Mutant Double LP 2004

  • Mindbender - Better Late Than Never Made EP 2006

  • Mindbender - Invisible Rhythm Showcase acapella LP 2006

  • Mindbender and Micill Shazzam Write - Obeah LP 2007

  • Mindbender - No More Mr. Nice Guy Vol. 1 Mixtape 2007

  • Mindbender - No More Mr. Nice Guy Vol. 2 Mixtape 2008

  • Mindbender - Jupiter LP 2010

  • Mindbender - No More Mr. Nice Guy Vol. 3 Mixtape 2011

  • Supreme Being Unit - In Space, No One Can Hear You Rhyme 2013

  • Mindbender - Journey Into Sound double LP 2018

  • Mindbender - Quarantine Wolf EP 2020

  • Mindbender - Blindside Is 2020 EP 2020


Mindbender (aka Malcolm Lovejoy's) Accomplishments in Porn: 


  • nominated for "Canadian Content of the Year" at the Toronto International Porn Awards 2015

  • signed to Maxxx Models Porn Agency in 2016  

  • won "Canadian Content of the Year" Award @ Toronto International Porn Awards, 2017

  • won "Political Porn of the Year" Award @ Toronto International Porn Awards, 2018

  • nominated for "International Political Scene of the Year/We're Not Taking It Lying Down" at the London Porn Film Fest in England.

  • filmed with AVN/XBIZ award-winning directors Angie & Colin Rowntree for in 2018

Welcome To The True North.jpg

Welcome To The True North

Hip Hop is back with this debut release from Type A Records!

This collection of songs is the first in a series that showcases the incredible talent that lives here in the North!

Featuring appearances from Thrust, Tough Dumplin, Whitey Don, Edley Shine, Hyperbole, Mindbender Supreme, Frankenstein, Mic North, Rup Monsta, Sean Conn, DJ Disspare, Dana Danger, Navi The North, Ledd Hand, Know It & The Riksha.

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