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Director of Artist Development


London Ontario, spring 1994…


Chrys Welch and his friends try rapping for the first time in their Ealing Public School playground. Chrys Welch recalls one of his close friends saying “That was really good! You should write a song sometime!” 


Scarborough Ontario, spring 1996…


Chrys would have trouble in High School remembering his studies. He relied on Rap music and formed his own lyrics over his favorite songs to remember what was needed for his upcoming exams. Chrys’ father had a vinyl collection of over 10,000 records, so it wasn’t difficult for young Chrys to find an instrumental of his liking. “Me Myself and I” by De La Soul was his first choice. In 1997 Chrys and his friend Rob Anthony started their first Rap Group named “High Sound Crew”. Chrys would now go by the name of “Irish”. Shortly after Chrys’ father stated “That’s a stupid name! Why don’t you use my old band name Anubis! That’s way cooler!” Chrys was honored to take the name.


In the spring of 1997 Chrys now known as Anubis moved to Don Mills where he would meet other teenagers who shared his love for freestyling. By 1999 “High Sound Crew” was history and the “Redi High Council” or “RHC” was born! Every Friday and Saturday night for four years from 8pm until the sun came up the members of the RHC would attend Anubis’ house where they had DJ and recording tools at their disposal. 

Toronto’s underground Hip Hop scene was at its peak at the time. Anubis and the Redi would attend “In Divine Style”, a legendary hip hop showcase/ open mic venue every Thursday night at the Hooch, 817 Queen St West downtown Toronto. Over the years Anubis would hold the record for most performances (thirteen) at Canada’s longest running hip hop venue! Together RHC would record two albums and 5 solo projects. One of which projects was titled “Cold Hearted Bastards” which is a group that can be still found today under Team Head Crack or THC releasing albums and mix tapes. The Redi would have trouble staying together over the years due to members being in prison and fall outs between friends and family. 


Spring 2009 Anubis was picked up by “I Respect Music” an artist management company ran out of Mississauga Ontario. Anubis now had a manager, a publicist and a home recording studio. Anubis was now in rotation at 88.1 and 89.5 with two singles “Girl featuring Foxx Williams” and “Making’ Moves featuring J Jones”. While with I Respect Music Anubis would tour with Canibus, Illa J and Frank Nitty from Detroit’s “Frank n Dank” and would get acquainted Dank, Swann, Methadist, Rumble, K Cut of Main Source, Rich Kidd and Thrust. “Thrust was one of my biggest mentors! Which was really cool knowing one of his mentors was the late Guru of Gangstar!” -Anubis


In December of 2009 Anubis starting working at Slept On Studios. A very well known recording studio in Toronto’s east end. Over the years Anubis was taken as Patrick Riksha Bardos apprentice and also learned from other Producers and Engineers from across the city such as Salty Jackson, Grampz, Philthy Pro and K Cut from Main Source. Anubis also had the privilege to record and mix some legendary artists such as Chip Fu of the Fu Shnickens, Choclair, Citizen Kane and Reggae artists Rumble and Trinity Chris. Anubis went on to mix his first project “Methadist – Up Top” along with his own EP “Pound for Pound” Followed by the “Saint Asylum” mix tapes. Anubis then left I Respect Music in the spring of 2011 due to differences with his management team. In the mean time Anubis co produced and episode of TV’s Degrassi along side his Uncle Tim Welch. By late 2011 Anubis had 5 group and 5 solo acts he was also producing for at the time while starting a new group “Saint Asylum” along with Swann and Methadist. The group was toned down to just a group mix tape project  after their first release “Prelude to the Vaccination” and Anubis would go on to record his first solo album in over 9 years titled “Light as a Feather” produced by Riksha and Thunder Bay’s Philthy Pro


In April of 2011 Reel Wolf Records was Putting together a Toronto Super group going by the name of “Cold World” artist included in the group were M Deezy, Swann, Methadist, Anubis, Peep Sho, Robbie Snatch, Jah Youth, and Impakt. “Cold World” and “Toronto Hardcore” can be found on the Underworld Album released by Reel Wolf Records, available in HMV Stores worldwide.

Ultimately the Cold World project was dropped… “Cold World” released their fist video that spring which can be found on You tube under Reel Wolf. 

Anubis was also featured in another Reel Wolf presentation by Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz) – “Oath of The Goat” and played the assassin in the Video with help from his 5 year old nephew.


December 2013 Anubis releases his solo LP “Light as Feather” and forms a live band group “Stompin’ Groundz” out of Tillsonburg Ontario. Stompin Groundz only recorded a demo “Cellar Door” before breaking up in July of 2014. Many of their songs can be found on you tube including “You Don’t Know” an acoustic version of “Girl” and “Tired featuring Swann”.


Anubis has worked along side with many artists including Mindbender, Foxx Williams, Swann of Ill Roc Records, Methadist, Cream, Loonie Blue, J Jones, Juno award winning Thrust, Truth Willis, Anonymous, Cold Hearted Bastards (CHB), Devil Species, Lord Willin’, Trinz of Eastside up, City, Reel Wolf Records, Philthy Pro, Peep Sho, Riksha, Sentury Status and has been featured on many other projects with other heavy hitters such as Everlast, Sticky Fingaz and Ill Bill. 

Music by Anubis:

  • Anubis – “Episode I” (Demo Tape)., Released 1998 

  • Redi High Council (RHC) – The Temple (Album), Released 2000

  • Group Project. Members include: Anubis, Rawty Raw, Prophet (now known as City) and Remic

  • Anubis – “Anubis of tha RHC” (Demo Tape),Released 2001 

  • Redi High Council – Return of the Redi (Album)

  • Group Project, Released 2002

  • Anubis – My Life (Album), Released 2002

  • Anubis – Anubis (EP), Released 2003

  • Anubis – Brickwork (Album), Released 2004

  • Anubis ft Cold Hearted Bastards (CHB) – A Don Millz Thang (Demo Mixtape), Released 2009

  • Anubis – Criminal Record (Mixtape), Released 2009

  • Anubis – Pound for Pound (EP), Released 2010

  • Saint Asylum – Prelude to the Vaccination (Mixtape) Group Project, Released 2011

  • Anubis – Light as a Feather (Album), Released 2013

  • Saint Asylum – Prelude to Lord of illusions (Mixtape)

  • Group Project, Released 2013

  • Stompin’ Groundz – Cellar Door (Demo) Group Project, Released 2014

  • Anubis – I Drink You’re Milkshake (Mixtape), Released 2014


Videos by Anubis:

  • Beautiful Day – Produced by Swann – Directed by Swann

  • Philthy Places – Produced by Philthy Pro – Directed by Philthy Pro and Anubis

  • Why Can’t I – Produced by Philthy Pro – Directed by Anubis, Cole & Sarah Weidrick

  • Stompin’ Groundz – Tired ft Swann – Directed by Anubis

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