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Courtland “Hyperbole” McIntosh


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Director of Type A Vinyl

Hyperbole: A walking, talking exaggeration


Hyperbole is here to amplify your musical experience by taking you places you thought only belonged in dreams and pornography! Hard-Hitting Hip-Hop coupled with disastrous driving dubs and theatrical thematic that creates a soundscape so haunting, only the explicit explanations exemplified in the lyrics could electroshock your cardiovascular system back into coherence. Hailing from Toronto, the greatest City in the GTA, Hyperbole, A.k.a. HYPE, A.k.a. The Hype Man, decided his own views from the six were lackluster and set out to change his and ultimately the whole city's perspective. In 2015 HYPE enrolled in the Trebas Institute to study Entertainment Business Management and graduated in 2016 with honours at the top of his class, after which he secured a position at an international vocal recording studio in North York. After interning under an internationally acclaimed vocalist, producer and entertainer, Hyperbole set out to make moves on his own.

Finding the fraternity of Slept On Studios in West Toronto and using his plethora of musical abilities, Hyperbole has ignited his own meteoric rise through the stratosphere and will not stop until he is nestled comfortably among the top.


Welcome To The True North.jpg

Hip Hop is back with this debut release from Type A Records!

This collection of songs is the first in a series that showcases the incredible talent that lives here in the North!

Featuring appearances from Thrust, Tough Dumplin, Whitey Don, Edley Shine, Hyperbole, Mindbender Supreme, Frankenstein, Mic North, Rup Monsta, Sean Conn, DJ Disspare, Dana Danger, Navi The North, Ledd Hand, Know It & The Riksha.

Welcome To The True North

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