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“Tough Dumplin” Graham

Director of New Media


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Hailing originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Tristan G. AKA Tough Dumplin has focused on audio engineering, cinematography, music production, and  MCing for over 15 years. He is a new media artist with a particular interest in sequential and timeline based media


He’s directed/lensed music videos, worked with numerous recording artists, scored soundtracks for television and films - throughout each endeavor, his vibrant and punchy audio and/or visual collages appeal to widely diverse audiences


Tough Dumplin has developed a unique, personal aesthetic

celebrated and respected by both industry and fans alike.

He’s enjoyed the patronage of major labels including EMI, Virgin, and Universal Music. Recording artists such as Junior Reid, Phife (A Tribe Called Quest), MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust OG, Freestyle (Arsonists), Lady Luck, Grammy nominee Wil Key, Nefarius all have enlisted his studio/sonic expertise. 


Currently, Tough Dumplin is a member of the Brooklyn35 Collective, comprised of musicians, singers, MCs, DJs, producers, and visual artists who actively acknowledge their hip-hop DNA

yet harness it as a fount to explore expansive, unexpected creative avenues. Tough Dumplin presently guests on (Grammy nominee) Wil Key's "Rewind," poised to ascend to the number one slot on the UK Soul Top 30 Chart.


Latest singles "No Music Industry" and "24 Hour No Tomorrow" are to be showcased on the forthcoming "Welcome to the True North" vinyl release whereas shotly championed/anticipated "Too Young to Aim" is featured on Navi the North’s “Beat Barbarian 2“ album, due imminently. Additionally, he collaborated with fellow Brooklyn35 Collective artist Rashid Amir on “Fleet (Remix)" with a beat courtesy of Ski Beatz (Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt" fame). 


His new full length from Tough Dumplin entitled "Tough Dumplin (Foundation for Better Lyrics)" now available for sale, may be the very first production-based hip hop album to exist and is considered a cornerstone of the Toronto Hip Hop community.


Tough Dumplin is also an acclaimed filmmaker. His film and video work are examples of beautifully  rhythmic cinematic art. 


He's lent his talents to the following award-winning short films:



His audio production is featured on the following projects.


Film/Television Music scoring

Biker boyz - Starring Laurence Fishburne (From The Matrix)

Love Sex & Eating the Bones- Starring Hill Harper

Television show- Blue Murder

Television show- Traders

Television show- S.W.A.T.

Recording Artists
Junior Reid, Phife (A Tribe Called Quest), MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust OG, Freestyle (Arsonists), Lady Luck, Grammy nominee Wil Key, Nefarius, Eternia


Sound engineer on set for Bustn' Out - Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’a Child behind the scenes dance rehearsals.


Foundation For Better Lyrics


Toronto's very own TOUGH DUMPLIN returns with his first full length vinyl release since TOUGH DUMPLIN - Foundation For Better Beats debuted back in 1999.

This limited edition vinyl also comes with exclusive access to the digital version of the album.

Featuring appearances from Myke Powell, Rashid Amir & Rielle Love, as well as production from Die Empty, Navi The North, Ski Beatz, DJ Nana, Ackee and TOUGH DUMPIN himself!

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