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“The Riksha”

Vice President Type A |

Director of Audio Production

Patrick “Riksha” Bardos is a musician, producer and sound engineer deeply rooted in the Canadian music scene. Over his 25+ year career, he has recorded and mixed 1200+ songs for over 200 rock, R&B and hip hop acts including Thrust, Choclair, Dankery Harv, Illa J, Whitey Don & Chip Fu to name a few. 

He began his career under the alias “The Riksha'' the resident MC at Toronto’s The Beat Junkie, and went to host and promote hip hop showcases and battles throughout Ontario. In 2006, he founded Slept On Studio with locations across Toronto. His studio demoed and developed artists and worked with notable clients such as Corus/Nelvana Productions, Methadist, Mindbender Supreme, four albums for Swann (Reel Wolf Records), Choclair, Thrust, Illa J, Chip Fu, and Shah.


During his time with Slept On Studios, he worked closely with Silverthorn Studios for final recording, mixing and mastering. At Silverthorn he worked personally with Grammy-winning production legend Eddie Kramer on Taylor Abrahamse's debut album.


Type A Recordings is The Riksha’s latest contribution to the Canadian music industry. He co-founded the label with a mission to use his experience to produce art through provocation and always focus on what’s next for music. He is passionate about making music with artists who are looking to change the world.


Welcome To The True North.jpg
Welcome To The True North

Hip Hop is back with this debut release from Type A Records!

This collection of songs is the first in a series that showcases the incredible talent that lives here in the North!

Featuring appearances from Thrust, Tough Dumplin, Whitey Don, Edley Shine, Hyperbole, Mindbender Supreme, Frankenstein, Mic North, Rup Monsta, Sean Conn, DJ Disspare, Dana Danger, Navi The North, Ledd Hand, Know It & The Riksha.

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